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How to Download & Install Amlogic Flash Tool on PC

Amlogic Flash Tool is a Windows application primarily used for flashing/installing firmware on Amlogic powered devices. It’s mainly Android TV boxes and OTT set-top boxes that you will find with the Amlogic chipset. There are a number of operations you can carry out using the Amlogic Flash tool. It is a free-to-use Windows utility that offers kernel/recovery flashing, porting TWRP, flashing zip, kernel/recovery backups, and custom block flashing.

The user-friendly interface of this tool makes it effortlessly easy even for a beginner to navigate through various functions. On top of that, it is a portable application that means you can use the tool without installing it on your computer. Download the app’s executable file (.exe), connect your device with the computer and you are all set.

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Everything you need to know to get started with the mentioned tool is given below. This is a complete guide where we shared the download links for the latest version of the Amlogic flash tool. And a brief overview of how to use the app in the simplest way.

How to Download and Install Amlogic Flash Tool on your PC

Every now and then, a new improved version of the Amlogic flash tool is getting released. We recommend you to always go with the latest version as they often contain patches for the bugs and various technical issues.

The following is the download link for the latest Amlogic flash tool. You can bookmark this article as we update this link regularly with newer versions Version 6.0.0

Once you have downloaded the file, open it with any file archiver utility like WinRAR, and extract the folder to the Desktop for easy access.

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How to Use Amlogic Flash Tool?

Probably the best thing about this tool is its newbie-friendly user interface. It’s not cluttered with so many options like other flashing utilities come with. 

To get started, you have to first install device drivers on your PC so it can communicate, or if simply put, establish a connection with your Amlogic powered devices. 

To do that, open the extracted folder, and look for the AMLogic Driver Installer.exe file. Double click on it, and you will see the Device Driver Installation wizard on your screen. Click on Next and simply follow the on-screen instructions, and it will take less than a minute to install the required drivers on your Windows PC.

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As soon as you are done with it, go back to the same folder and double click on the AMLogicFlashTool.exe file. Once the app loads up, connect the device with your computer using a USB/OTG cable. You have to look for the OTG port in your TV box, and insert the micro-usb end of the cable in it and connect the other side with your PC. 

Next, turn on your TV box and wait for your computer to detect it. You will see a small pop-up on the bottom-right of your screen once it gets connected. 

Head over to the Amlogic flash tool, and at the bottom-left of the app’s interface, you will see a “Connect” button. If your PC fails to detect the device automatically, you will be asked to provide the ADB IP address to validate the connection between the app and your device. To know the IP address of your Android TV, go to Settings >> Device Preferences >> About >> Status and take a note of it. 

Go back to the app, and enter the IP address in the given box. Check the “Remember IP” box and hit the “Connect” button. Now, depending on what changes you want to make to your device, choose the options carefully on the app.

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For instance, if you want to flash your Android TV processor, first click on the Kernel/Recovery tab and choose the appropriate flashing option. We are considering you have already downloaded the .img file of the firmware you want to install. Click on Browse, select the file, and hit the Flash button. 

The procedure for flashing firmware will remain identical for all devices that run on the Amlogic processor. 

NOTE: Download .img files only from trusted sources. Flashing wrong files that aren’t compatible with your device might end up damaging it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Amlogic Flash Tool a Trusted application?

It has been quite some years now for this app to be available in the market. And there are barely any negative reviews you will find about the Amlogic flash tool. So yes, it can be considered a safe and reliable Windows utility.

Does it only work for the devices using the Amlogic chipset?

This tool is explicitly designed for Amlogic powered devices. However, some features like port TWRP will work for other devices as well.

Is the Amlogic Flash Tool and Amlogic USB burning tool the same?

No, these are two different Windows applications but by the same developer.


This is pretty much all we have to share about the Amlogic flash tool. We hope you got some value out of this article, and it answers your lingering questions regarding the subject.



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