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12 Must have Windows 11 Apps You Should Download in 2022

Enjoying Windows 11 OS on your system? Looking for some great apps to make the most out of your new OS? If yes, find out the best must have Windows 11 apps you should download. 

Microsoft Inc has launched Windows 11 and it is available as a free upgrade for all compatible devices. Windows 11 is a much-advanced version of Windows OS from Microsoft. The graphics to the interface, apps to user experience, everything is upgraded. And there are multiple apps that are available for Windows 11 users and this article features some of these must have Windows 11 apps that you can download. 

The best part of Windows 11 OS is that it supports third-party apps. Not that, Windows OS was not supporting third-party apps but with this new update, they have deeply integrated new apps and users are going Gaga over it. The integration of third-party apps in Windows 11 is going to make life much easier than before. Also, Windows Store has better support for Android Apps which definitely a great addition in Windows 11.

Windows OS captures the majority of the market, which means, that it is not only used by professionals, but also by students, business persons, artists, etc. To cater to the need of every customer there are some must have Windows 11 apps that you can download easily from the Windows Store.

12 Must Have Windows 11 Apps

There are several essential must have apps for Windows 11 that would be required by customers to make their work smooth and easy. Some of these must have Windows 11 apps are listed here for quick reference. Download them and increase your productivity. 

1. Focus, Commit- Be Focused

One of the best must have apps for Windows 11 OS falls under the category of “Productivity” and it can be installed through Microsoft Store directly.

This best Windows 11 app is loaded with features that can help you to improve your productivity by managing your breaks and productive time through Pomodoro Timer.

The app also helps in visualizing the work done and you can also plan your workflow. You can prepare a To-Do list in advance with the feature called Kanban Board within the app. I, personally, loved the functionality of the app and that is why considered to include it in the list of best Windows 11 must have apps. 

Features at a glance:

  • Kanban Board (Helpful to prepare a To-Do list).
  • Pomodoro Timer (Helpful for managing breaks, so you can remain focused in work)
  • Manage Projects without any hassle. 
  • Task Management feature. 
  • Statistics by tasks, projects, and intervals
  • Integrates Task Management with Google Tasks.
  • It can synchronize with the Calendar.

best must have windows 11 apps

2. LibreOffice 7.2

Another one in our list of best must have Windows 11 apps is LibreOffice 7.2 which is for those professionals that don’t want to shell out too much money for an expensive Windows Office Suite. LibreOffice 7.2 is an Open-source app that makes it free and very compatible for all.

Its Clean Interface and tools help the professionals to boost their creativity and productivity. This app can support with Writer tool for Word Processing projects, Calc tool for Spreadsheets, Impress tool for preparing presentations, Draw tool for Vector Graphics and flowcharts, Base tool helps in developing databases, Math tool for all Formula Editing projects, and so on. 

In short, you can do anything with LibreOffice that you can imagine doing on Windows Office Suite and that is too free.

Features at a glance:

  • Clean Interface with no clutter. 
  • Feature Rich Tools for all your requirements.
  • Open Source/Free for everyone. 
  • Professional appearance even if it is free. 
  • Compatible with all forms of Document formats. 
  • Supports Open Document Format (ODF).
  • Can convert any document to any format. 

best must have windows 11 apps

3. Google Chrome

Chrome is a web browser built by Google. It has become an integral part of every human life and that is why included it in our list of best Windows 11 must have apps. The web browser acts as a gateway to the internet for the general public. Google Chrome has a very simple design. The user interface is so convenient that even the 1st time user can use it without help and that is why we have included it in our list of best must have apps for Windows 11 OS. 

Features at a glance:

  • Quick Google Address Bar – To boost your search.
  • Password Check – it remembers your passwords for you.
  • Sync – Syncs your multiple devices.
  • Dark Mode – Changes the theme to dark colour. 
  • Tabs – Helpful in multitasking.
  • Profiles – you can create multiple profiles within the same browser. 
  • Articles for you – show the articles of your choice.

best must have windows 11 apps

4. Skype

A well-known app for Microsoft users for quite a long time who love doing video calls with their friends or families. Later on, Microsoft introduced Skype for Business app for all the professionals out there and from that moment it became the best must have Windows 11 apps. 

Skype is used for video calling, meeting and it also provides text chat options. For Business, it integrates the organization’s server to enable the employees to connect with each other without getting disturbed by the outside world. It helps in video conferences also. 

Features at a glance:

  • Crystal clear video calls for personal and business use. 
  • Supports All Browsers and OS. 
  • Twin Cam Technology. 
  • Option to Customize the Notification sound. 
  • PSTN Translator helps in communicating with anyone in any language.
  • The Call Stage – the decorative Theme covering the background for the user which is the latest. 
  • Used by millions of users worldwide across various platforms.

best must have windows 11 apps

5. Discord

Discord is based on VoIP technology. It is used as an Instant messaging (IM) and Digital distribution platform. Users can use this app to communicate with each other with Voice calls, Video Calls, text messages privately, in groups in the way of small communities and chat rooms. This app is compatible with all OS so you need not worry about your friends using a different OS device than yours. 

Features at a glance:

  • Using Discord, create an invite-only place where you and the ones you want only are invited for clutter-free discussions.
  • Servers – Users can create and manage their own Servers with a max limit of 8,00,000 members. 
  • Channels – Users can create their channels for wider visibility.
  • Direct Messages – Instant Messages to other users.
  • User Profiles – Users need to create their profiles.
  • Video Calls and streaming – Users can video call and live to stream themselves with individuals or in groups.
  • Digital Distribution – Users can use the platform to distribute digital technology with added benefits.
  • Developer Tools – Discord provides tools for gamers and its developers.
  • Do you need to convince me more to tell this is one of the best must have Windows 11 apps?

best must have windows 11 apps 3

6. VLC Player

Also known as VideoLAN, is an open-source cross-platform video player for Multimedia files. It can play all the formats of multimedia files you can imagine. Just throw your video or audio file, VLC will play it without any drama. One other major reason to include it in our list of best must have Windows 11 apps is that it has a clean interface and everything looks great while playing on this media plater. 

Features at a glance:

  • Plays any video and audio format available. 
  • Supports all OS platforms. 
  • No Spyware or ads or user tracking. 
  • Quick Hardware decoding. 
  • Open-source app which is free to download and timely updates for security reasons.

best must have windows 11 apps

7. backiee – Wallpaper Studio 10

Want to customize your desktop as per your preference? If yes, check out this must have Windows 11 App that provides incredible Wallpapers in 4K, 5K, and 8K for free. This app has made the boring single wallpaper turn attractive, innovative, and interactive.

The app has a unique feature that has made a simple wallpaper turn into an art. It has a vast collection to choose from and you can even select multiple wallpapers to create a slideshow. The app allows you to put single wallpaper or a group of pictures or interactive wallpapers. I, personally, using this app for quite a long time and that is why shared it here as one of the best must have apps for Windows 11. 

Features at a glance:

  • Huge Wallpaper Collection to choose from. 
  • Can select wallpapers by popularity, category, resolution, country, etc. 
  • Slideshow – Can create a slideshow of chosen wallpapers.
  • Interactive slideshow – slideshow of interactive wallpapers like weather, Season, Time.
  • Synchronization – your choice of wallpapers can be synchronised to other devices too.
  • My collection – You can choose your favorite wallpapers.

8. Zoom Meeting

Do we need an introduction to this app? Well, this has received so much appreciation during this pandemic for online discussions, webinars, video conferencing, and whatnot.

Zoom has multiple platforms to cater to its customers: Zoom Cloud meetings, Marketplace, Video webinars, Phone systems, chats are some of the services provided by zoom to its customers. Zoom provides online services, which are helpful in running your business virtually. 

Features at a glance:

  • Host Meetings of up to 100 Participants. 
  • Private and Group Chat facility. 
  • Cloud recording of the meetings. 
  • Company branding is available for virtual backgrounds. 
  • Recording Transcripts are available for quality check purposes and recording minutes of meetings. 
  • Audio Conferencing for large numbers of participants.

best must have windows 11 apps

9. Your Phone

Do you love to stay connected on your phone even from your Windows laptop or desktop? This app allows its users to access their phones through PC. Users don’t need to worry about switching their attention from one device to another for using different sets of applications and totally one of the best must have Windows 11 apps in our article. 

This app allows you to make and receive calls, text messages drag and drop files, photos from phone to PC and vice versa. This app helps in reducing a lot of time and confusion while operating phone and PC together.

Features at a glance:

  • Be able to make and receive calls from PC. 
  • Receive mobile apps notifications on PC. 
  • Access other apps on the mobile from PC. 
  • Receive, read and reply to text messages from PC. 
  • Transfer files and photos between your phone and PC effortlessly.

best must have windows 11 apps

10. Notepad++

Another one in our list of best Windows 11 must have apps is Notepad++. This app is an alternative for Notepad, as it is based on Scintilla, the very powerful editing Component.

Notepad++ supports all the languages that are running in the MS Windows environment. The hidden feature of this app is that it uses less CPU power, so the power consumption also reduces, further reducing Carbon Footprints in the atmosphere. Also, this is a free source app and useful for all the developers out there. 

Features at a glance:

  • Autosave feature helps you concentrate on creating the data and not worry about not saving it on time.
  • Searching Text Strings.
  • Creating, testing, and running Macros.
  • Simultaneous Editing is possible, where the codes need to be changed simultaneously.
  • Split Screen within the application. 
  • Plugins allow to the integration of new features.
  • Free to download and use.

best must have windows 11 apps

11. WhatsApp Desktop

The whole world is on WhatApp and with WhatsApp desktop, you can now get notifications and respond right from your desktop. This is definitely one of the best must have Windows 11 apps  in today’s world, as it provides free service and adds lots of value to the way you communicate and share.

You can create a business account in WhatsApp which helps you in listing your business details and generate more awareness towards your business. Apart from that, there are various features like media sharing, group chat and payments to be done with complete security of end-to-end encryption.

Features at a glance:

  • Text Messaging with Gifs, Smileys to express yourself. 
  • Group Chat Facility with only the people you want to chat with
  • Crystal clear voice and video Calls. 
  • End-to End-Encryption for better privacy
  • Share photos and videos and cocuments across various OS platforms. 
  • Ability to send voice messages. 

best must have windows 11 apps

12. OneNote for Windows

As the name suggests, it’s a notebook. As you can scribble, note down, add points to remember or draw on a physical notebook, this must have Windows 11 app that allows you to do the same in digital form. You can note down something as a reminder, draw a doodle or write through a device pen or hand. All your notes will be available across your devices irrespective of the OS. 

Features at a glance:

  • Type, write or draw anything on a White Background or with the help of grid lines.
  • Take quick notes.
  • Share your notes with colleagues. 
  • Compatible on all screen sizes. 
  • App is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS so you need not worry.

best must have windows 11 apps

The features of these must have Windows 11 apps combined with a sophisticated Windows 11 can make you do wonders. Third-party apps not only enhance the user experience of the user and make people more creative and productive. 

Do you have any other essential app in mind that can make in our list of best must have Windows 11 apps? If yes, do let us know and we will feature in this article.



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