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Solved: Facebook Dating Not Showing Up [Quick Fix]

Do you know there are more people talking about ‘Facebook Dating not showing up’ than Facebook’s new dating function itself? Needless to say, it wasn’t expected from the social media giant to not pay attention to such a lingering issue.

If you are also on the same side of the users for whom the Facebook Dating service is not showing up, we might help you resolve the issue. Here we have rounded up some of the potential reasons why you are unable to use the Facebook Dating function and some proven fixes to them.

We hope once you are done applying the methods given below, you can use Facebook’s new matchmaking service, and finally, send a message to the person you were eyeing on for so long.

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Are You Eligible for Facebook Dating?

There are certain eligibility requirements that you must fulfill to use Facebook Dating. 

  • Age Restriction: according to your Facebook profile, if you aren’t 18+, you aren’t eligible for Facebook Dating until you reach the required age.
  • Geographical availability: currently, Facebook Dating is only available for selected countries. You can check the list here to know if your country is one of the participants or not.

If you are 18+ and Facebook Dating is available in your country, but still, you cannot use it as it’s not showing up, it’s time to get your hands over the following methods.

Facebook Dating Not Showing Up – Latest Fixes 2022

NOTE: Facebook has only rolled out the dating service function for its Android and iOS app. It’s not available for the web version, so keep that in mind. 

Below are some of the working solutions that you can implement one by one until the issue is resolved:

Fix 1: Update the Facebook Application

The very first thing you should do is update the Facebook app. When using an outdated version of an application, it tends to malfunction and often leaves us devoid of new features. So this might actually be the case why Facebook’s new dating feature isn’t showing up on your app. 

Fix 2: Turn on the Location Services

As we know, dating apps show your profile to potential matches and vice versa based on your distance preferences and geographical location. Facebook Dating feature works the same way; therefore, you must enable your location services.  

This new matchmaking function is an add-on to the Facebook app, so you have to turn on the location service for the app only. If you are using an Android smartphone, go to Settings, and click on Apps & notifications. Scroll through the list of applications and locate Facebook. Click on Permissions and toggle on the Location option. 

Fix 3: Clear Cache for Facebook App

Clearing cache usually helps with freeing up space and fixing misbehaving apps. When we were researching for this article, we didn’t get it quite clearly, how it’s possibly going to bring back the Facebook dating feature on the app. However, clearing cache for the Facebook app has surprisingly helped many users fix the problem, and we thought it could be helpful to include it in our guide.   

If you are an Android user, open the Settings drawer on your phone. Click on Apps & notifications and choose Facebook from the given list of applications installed on your device. Next, click on Storage and hit the Clear Cache button. On the same page, you should see the space used by the cache is 0B now. 

Fix 4: Reinstall Facebook Application

If you have already updated your Facebook app, that should be equivalent to reinstalling it. However, there is a catch to it. Reinstallation allows you to set up the app from scratch, as your previous data and preferences will be deleted. So this may potentially be the fix for your Facebook app to get the dating function showing up.

To reinstall the app, you have to first uninstall it. So, do what is required, and hopefully, you will be able to use Facebook Dating on your device. 

Miscellaneous Hacks:

We have gone the extra mile for our reader’s convenience and have scoured the internet to bring you a few more hacks to implement.

  • Change your relationship status to single: open your Facebook app, go to Settings, choose the appropriate option and change your relationship status. 
  • Try logging on from a friend’s phone: over the past few months,  many users have reported that logging in to their Facebook account from a different device has almost strangely helped them enable the Facebook Dating feature on their profile. 
  • Use FB APK version: you can also try uninstalling Facebook’s official version from your device and installing Facebook APK to see if that works. If you are an iOS user, unfortunately, you can’t utilize this option. 
  • Set up a new Facebook profile: if you are eligible for Facebook Dating (read the criteria given above) but still, the feature isn’t showing up, you can set up a new Facebook account. You can use it specifically for dating purposes. It’s easy setting up a new profile and won’t take much time, so give it a shot. It might do the magic. 

What’s the Last Resort? Facebook Dating Not Showing Up

If you have tried every method mentioned here in this article, and nothing seems to be working so far, you can reach out to Facebook via its help center as a last resort. Perhaps, it is going to be of no use as we know Facebook customer support is terrible. There is no real person sitting to solve your concerns, but bots are sending out automated responses. 

However, it does no harm to contact Facebook regarding the issue; it is advisable to take your shot. 


That is pretty much all for this guide. ‘Facebook Dating not showing up’ is undoubtedly a huge problem for many users. But we don’t understand why Facebook isn’t taking appropriate measures to fix this issue. We shouldn’t draw any conclusion based on limited information, but we believe Facebook may want to discontinue the dating service – you can treat it as a personal opinion. 



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