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How to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working

It is a common error that “Windows 10 taskbar not working” on the latest edition. Solving the taskbar errors might seem easy but there are many problems lingering to it. We don’t know the exact culprit behind the error and have to recognise while applying the solutions.

Nobody prefers to identify the culprit because it consumes plenty of time and energy. I recommend the readers to create a system restore point, so you can always go back in time if something goes wrong during the process.

Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working

How to Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Not Working

1. Quick Solution: Restart File Explorer

File explorer directly connected to the Windows taskbar and I solved many errors using this technique. I’m 100% accurate that the below method will come in handy for those who don’t have time to spend on solving the software-based problem.

  • Open This PC and keep it running in the background.
Restart File Explorer 1
  • Open Taskmanager using the traditional method CTRL + ALT + DEL button or try the newer method. Overall, I leave this up to you, and you can choose any working technique.
Restart File Explorer 2
  • Click to select the File Explorer and then click on Restart to fix the problem.
task manager

Why did I call this method Quick Solution?

Unfortunately, the solution that I mentioned above is temporary and does not resolve the core error and does not deal with the actual problem. The bug or incorrect configuration remains the same and we have to deal with the core error, in order to solve it permanently.

2. Disable Startup Programs

Disabling the startup programs won’t affect the Windows OS negatively because that’s a personal choice of the PC administrators. However, the startup programs could be triggering the taskbar functions and ending up having this error.

  • Open Taskmanager using CTRL + ALT + DEL button or try the newer method.
  • Click on Startup to view currently running programs that are assigned to run during the startup of the computer.
  • Click to select one program and then click on the Disable button to turn it off.
startup programs

Restart the computer and double-check, whether this problem persists again. Remember, I’m asking the readers to disable all programs expect Antivirus and Windows Security Notification Icon. In the next reboot, if the taskbar is working normally, then one of the programs crashing with the system configuration.

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3. Restore Taskbar Health

Microsoft added an advanced function that restores taskbar health, and it does not harm the computer or mess around with the installed application. Allow me to confirm that the readers require administrator privileges. You have to run a few commands on Windows PC, and Command Prompt required for the process.

  • Open Command Prompt as administrator.
  • Copy & paste this: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth command to solve the problem.
Restore Taskbar Health 2


In case, nothing changes after doing so, then I insist the readers try copy & paste this DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /Source:C:\RepairSource\Windows /LimitAccess command.

  • Let the Command Prompt take over the scanning process and repair the entire system files. Once the scanning & restoration process reaches 100%, then fix corrupted system files.
Restore Taskbar Health 3
  • Now, copy & paste sfc /scannow command to repair corrupted system files from the Windows 10 machine.
Restore Taskbar Health 4
  • The advanced scanner could not find any violations, and this is the most positive result. However, there are two more results that could appear on your screen. One that says that advanced scanner & repairing tool found some corrupted files and fixed them immediately. The second one suggests that it found irreparable system files.
Restore Taskbar Health 5

Reboot the computer to start a new session, and take a quick snapshot of the result. I urge the readers to post the results on official Windows Forum for personalised suggestions. If Microsoft advanced the tool unable to fix repair the system files, then I urge the readers to reinstall Windows 10 operating system.

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4. Start Application Identity Service

I didn’t find any evidence that starting Identity Service will resolve the core problem but I believe this is worth giving it a try. Of course, the users required to have PC administrator privileges to implement the solution.

  • Press Windows +S and then type services.msc in the search bar to open services.
Start Application Identity Service 1
  • Select Application Identity and right-mouse click to view more options and then click on Start to begin the process.
Start Application Identity Service 2

Let the service run in the background for a while, and don’t try to restart the Windows 10 machine. The problem should be resolve by the next session, and I ask the readers to remain patient during this period of time.

5. Windows Update

I’m Windows operating system consumer since XP edition and that’s how I was introducing to the platform. I was always against the software updates coming from Microsoft servers because they had limitations and install unnecessary updates on my computer.

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However, my personal views on Windows Updates changes drastically because Windows 10 edition is an incomplete project, and that’s why Microsoft is pushing firmware upgrades. Update Windows OS today because you cannot solve operating system bugs and glitches by implementing the solutions that I have mentioned in this tutorial.

  • Press Windows key + I and it will open the Settings window.
  • Select Update & Security to continue.
  • Select Windows Update and then Check for updates to continue.
windows update
  • Download important system updates.

I always prefer to avoid optional updates because they don’t make much of a difference for gaming consumers and average consumers. I do recommend optional updates for business people and server administrators. Make sure to have 5 GB internet data left in your package to receive uninterrupted services.

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6. Create a new user account

Create a new user account to avoid implementing new solutions that consume a lot of time. The new account will provide a fresh experience to the administrators, and none of the other account information will impact the performance.

  • Press Windows key + I to open the Settings program.
  • Select Accounts to continue.
  • Click on Family & other users to begin the process.
  • Click on Add someone else on this PC to add a new user to the computer.
Create a new user account 4
  • A new window will open with asking Microsoft credentials, but click on I don’t have this person’s sign-in information to continue. Don’t use any Microsoft account to create a new user on the machine.
  • Again, we are avoiding using any Microsoft account for this process, so click on Add a user without a Microsoft account to continue.
  • Add username, password, re-enter the password, finish up the security questions & provide answers, and then click on Next to proceed further.
Create a new user account 7
  • Finish adding a new users on the Windows 10 machine by giving the account a role.

Restart the computer to start a new session and dump the previous session information. You won’t get any problems in the new user account because it does not hold any personal information or data established during the usage.

7. Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Frozen

In one of the scenarios users are in taskbar presence, but it doesn’t give any positive response when you click on any of the icons. PowerShell command comes in handy when you want to create a list of taskbar tile layers and we are going to delete them.

  • Press Windows + X and then click to open PowerShell (admin) command line.
Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Frozen 1
  • Copy & paste the command in PowerShell, and hit the enter button to start the process.
Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Frozen 2
  • Make sure to close all open programs from the task manager.
Fix Windows 10 Taskbar Frozen 3
  • Now, locate C:\Users\ComputerName\AppData\Local using file explorer or you can open this folder manually.
  • Find the TileDataLayer folder, and then delete the file permanently.

Since Tile Data Layer consists of data on the taskbar icons and other information, you can solve the problem by deleting old data. Reboot the computer, and the taskbar should be working normally, and never repeat the same problem again.

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8. Reinstall Windows 10

I don’t want to suggest complex solutions to the readers, but I have to do the right thing. Despite being an expert at Windows operating system, I had to reinstall Windows software on my machine because I could not solve the problem.

Most of the software problems have proper solutions, but Microsoft did not provide advanced tools for solving File System tools, and that’s what creates the problem for the modern users.

Reinstall Windows 10

Now, you got two options 1) Reset Windows, and 2) Reinstall a fresh Windows operating system.

I strongly suggest the readers choose the second option, which is the hard way. But, it will bring ultimate relief for many months until or unless you repeat the same mistake that trigged the problem in the first place.

Bottom Line

I have provided enough solutions to fix Windows 10 taskbar not working and I would love to know what the result was after implementing the mentioned solution above. Leave a comment below, and you can approach Microsoft Forums for further assistance.




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