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11 Best Xbox Game Bar Alternatives for Gaming Enthusiasts

Xbox Game Bar is a great addition in Windows for gaming enthusiasts but it too had a set of problems that users don’t like. They start searching for alternatives. If you too looking for one, keep on reading and know about some of the best Xbox Game Bar alternatives available for Windows. 

Windows 10 Xbox Game Bar lets you capture the screen, record, and stream directly from games without requiring any additional software. Recently, the Game Bar has been updated with new features. It features several pros. Among them is Xbox Bar Game record games without any other software.

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You can stream Xbox One games anytime to your PC. The Game Bar panel is accessible by pressing “Windows + G”. 

Why to Search for Best Xbox Game Bar Alternatives?

Nevertheless, your system must meet the hardware requirements to use Windows 10 Game DVR. It won’t function otherwise. It does have a few drawbacks, though. Some games do not display the game bar because they block it.

You can only record/screenshot in windowed games. That means you cannot record few games in full-screen mode. Up until now, the Game Bar only worked with games running on a Windows desktop. This feature is only available for games that Microsoft has tested to be compatible. 

A full-screen mode can cause performance issues and other game glitches if interfered with.

Looking for the best alternatives for Xbox Game Bar makes sense in light of these issues. 

11 Best Xbox Game Bar Alternatives

We have listed down the 11 best Xbox Game Bar Alternatives for you for your convenience. All these best alternatives for Xbox Game Bar we have compiled here are based on long hours of usage and personal experience. 

You can choose any of these as per your requirements. 

1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro

The first one in our list of best Xbox Game Bar alternatives is Apowersoft Screen Recorder Pro. This is great full-featured screen recording software for Windows. 

After installing, it is easy to use. Its default settings allow you to start recording with one click. You can annotate the screen as you record, and you can upload the resulting file to Vimeo, YouTube, Dropbox, and Google Drive. In addition to saving it as a video or GIF file, you can edit your videos using Apowersoft’s video editing software

The best part is Screen Recorder Pro does not limit you to recording videos in window mode only. You can capture any part of the screen you want and can also support picture in picture video recording. One of the reasons to include it in our list of best Xbox Game Bar alternatives is that it allows you to capture videos in both full screen and windowed mode without any interruptions. 

Price: $19.95 Monthly, $39.95 Annualy and $69.95 Lifetime.

Apowersoft Free Online Screen Recorder

2. Bandicam

Windows Game Bar can be replaced by this program, which is an excellent alternative. With Bandicam, you can record high-quality video on the screen very easily. Additionally, you can capture images very quickly.

Moreover, Bandicam allows users to record anything that appears on the screen, including games. Again, it offers many tools and options for recording all or just a portion of a screen or window

Once an entire area is selected, Bandicam allows you to record quickly. In addition, one can use the screen to write or draw in real-time, overlay with the webcam, mix audios or voices, add logos or watermarks, and apply mouse effects. 

It has both free and paid versions. However, the free version only allows 10 minutes of recording at a time with a watermark in it. 

Price: Starts from $39.95 for 1 PC License 


3. MiniTool Video Converter

Our next alternative would be this great software, MiniTool Video Converter. This is one of the best free Xbox Game Bar alternatives that can record your screen with or without audio from the system or microphone and then save it.

You can easily convert audio and video files to a variety of formats with a MiniTool Video Converter. You can use it to convert audio to video and vice-versa

Batch conversion is possible with MiniTool Video Converter. You have to select the files that you want to convert and specify the output format. You can then convert them simultaneously.

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The faster conversion speed and better video quality are guaranteed! MiniTool Video Converter can quickly convert multiple videos and deliver significantly high video/audio quality.

It is free and you can record your games in full-screen mode as well. The output video will have no watermark which is truly great. 

Price: Free

Minitool Video Converter

4. Screencast-O-Matic

Using Screencast-O-Matic, you can easily create explainer videos and instructional videos while playing games on your system.

Another great addition to our list of best alternatives for Xbox Game Bar because it is easy to use and with its paid version you get a lot for your money. While Xbox Game Bar only lets you record your games, this has added functionality that screencasting and video uploading. 

One of the best screencasting software on the market is Screencast-O-Matic. This program is lightweight, and its features are comprehensive. Even though Solo Deluxe ($4/mo) adds several desirable features, it doesn’t cost a fortune. 

With the paid version, you can record unlimited videos while you are playing. Video editing and video sharing are unlimited too. 

Price: Starts from $4 per month


5. CamStudio

As our fifth alternative, we have CamStudio in our list of best Xbox Game Bar alternatives. It is a free open-source desktop recorder streaming video software. with amazing key features.

The program allows you to export video files to. AVI, MP4, and SWF format. It also includes a variety of WebCam movie screen capture solutions, high-quality record options, and ways to compress video for editing. Not only that, you can annotate the screen and add special effects while recording videos. 

As it’s open-source, there can be some extensions and options added to it. The software is also extremely easy to use, so it is a good choice for beginners. With the program, you can choose whether to record audio, add it later, or record for a long time/add captions.

Price: Open Source & Free

6. Camtasia

For those who wish to create video clips quickly and professionally, Camtasia has a variety of useful and complete tools. The program includes editing tools, effects, and overlays for text and design, making it very user-friendly at all levels.

In addition, Camtasia offers to visualize and export options. Due to this feature, it is indispensable for all users, from amateurs to professionals. 

Over 24 million people use this powerful screen recorder/video editor. It has both a free trial and paid version. Trial versions are fully functional, meaning that no features are unavailable.

The full version has a couple of paid plans, including individual plans (starting at $249). Using this best Xbox Game Bar alternative, you can record anything on your computer screen including games. You can record specific dimensions, regions, or windows as well using Camtasia. It can record web camera capture as well including the audio

Price: Starts from $249, Free Trial Available


7. FlashBack Express

The free screen recorder FlashBack Express from Blueberry Software captures footage from your desktop and lets you share it online. It doesn’t impose time limits or watermarks on recordings. This software is excellent for vlogs, recording games and software demonstrations since it records audio from your desktop, webcam, and microphone.

The Pro version of Flashback Express has more advanced features, such as editing video frame by frame, adding picture-in-picture video, and adding annotations. So, for better features, you can always subscribe to their premier versions.

In FlashBack Express, its natural beauty is its ability to start recording at a certain time and date, or as soon as a particular program is run. The result is that you do not capture a video of yourself starting the recorder and launching the game or program you are recording. This makes Flashback Express one of the best Xbox Game Bar alternatives.

Price: Starts from $49 for 1-PC License, Free Version Available 

Flashback Express

8. Debut Video Capture

Looking for one of the best Xbox Game Bar alternatives? You can also rely on NCH Software’s Debut Video Capture. It features all you’d expect to find in premium software, such as capturing videos from your screen, your webcam, or other connected devices

Debut lets you capture your entire display, a window, or a custom region of your screen when it comes to recording your screen. That is the biggest advantage above Xbox Game Bar that allows only windowed recordings. Besides displaying or hiding the cursor, you can also highlight it when you click.

Despite its lack of gloss, Debut’s interface makes up for it in clarity. There is a clear label for everything, and you will never be left looking for the option you need. It is an exceptionally qualified video capture software, and can easily serve as an alternative for Xbox Game Bar. 

Price: Starts from $19.99

9. TinyTake

The ninth alternative to Xbox Game Bar is TinyTake. It is simple to use, with a simplistic user interface. A screenshot or video recording can quickly be done of any application, region, window, or entire screen. You always get excellent-quality recordings instantly without any delay.

A built-in editor lets you highlight and annotate any part of the screenshot. Video annotation is also available in the Paid version. 

Uploaded images and videos can be shared with anyone with the URL. You can drag and drop any file onto the window and share it with the URL in addition to screenshots and recordings. Extraction and viewing of content are easy for bulk-upload zip files. Additionally, you can access, delete, and share all your uploaded files in the online gallery whenever you want.

Price: Basic plan is free and Paid starts from $29.95 per year.


10. OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the best free Xbox Game Bar alternatives that are available for gaming enthusiasts. OBS Studio is an open-source software for recording your gameplay and broadcasting it to the world.

In addition to broadcasting your game streams to platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, OBS can also be used for screencasting. The program is powerful, but it may be overkill for someone looking for a quick and easy game capture solution. Power users will find this program offers amazing flexibility if they take the time to learn it. 

To ease learning, OBS Studio provides a wizard to help you set up your system to be able to stream or record video. A multi-screen setup makes it easier to observe OBS on one display while playing your game on another.

OBS doesn’t overlay the game as the other apps do. Rather, it just runs in the background. Just before or as soon as your game starts, you’ll need to tell OBS to start recording or streaming. OBS is the best solution in some situations. If you want to record your gameplay for a YouTube video, for example, OBS Studio is the way to go.

Price: Free & Open Source

OBS Studio

11. oCam

Last but not least in our list of best Xbox Game Bar alternatives is oCam. A lesser-known screen recording program that is free to download. Its interface is minimalist and straightforward, displaying the capture window and the main menu right away. The main feature of the program is screen recording.

oCam lets you capture an area quickly. With the Resize menu or manually dragging the shooting area, you can change this area. The menu comes with options for YouTube, full screen, or customized sizes

Also, screenshots can be taken with great ease. Like the video, screenshots also have an adjustable capture area. In the settings, you can choose to enable Webcam overlay. The home screen allows you to select not only the shooting format, but also the input format, the size, and the position on the screen. With this in mind, oCam also stands a chance to be a great alternative to Xbox Game Bar.

Price: Free


Which One You Chose? 

Now that you have the list of the best Xbox Game Bar alternatives, you probably have a better understanding of these incredible applications. To be frank, when it comes to Windows 10 Game DVR or Xbox Game Bar replacements, you can find many.

This article outlined the 11 best screen recording software. All of these applications are available for Windows. Decide which software to use for recording games, screen captures, or webcams. It is possible to test each of these tools and find the one that best fits your needs for creating, editing, converting, or downloading videos. They all feature different aspects that distinguish them from one another. 

Also, if you know any other software that you can think can be added to our list of best Xbox Game Bar alternatives, mention us in the comments section below. Till then, Happy Gaming.



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